Full Html Page Ad


Your web full page ad (which you can edit as often as desired on your free web advertising account) is an actual html page that Google and the other major search engines can crawl and pick up. The html page is dynamically built with all your information. At the end of the file name, we add your keywords for SEO reasons. SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization so we want your ad to abide by the Google SEO rules.

When you make changes to your ad in your free advertising account which you get after signing up, your changes go up the next business day. The major search engines will crawl the site on their normal routine which can be once a month or more often. You should look at your web site to make sure it is optimized for SEO also. Contact your web programmer for more information on SEO.

Click on this Full Page Web Ad sign up link to get your Web Full Html Page Ad shown on this Christian Ministries Web Directory Web Site. This advertising services is an inexpensive flat rate with unlimited clicks and no pay per click charges so no surprises in your advertising budget. You can stay on the Christian Ministries web directory for as long as you like with no cancellation charges. Click on this Full Page Ad Benefits link for more information!

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