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Your August 2021 Newsletter

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You Are A Blessing

Jesus Christ has not forgotten your labor of Love that you are doing for Him!

Loving and encouraging and building up the Body as One Team Appreciating Each Other!

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Encouragement for the month

I am excited to hear about the growth of Christianity in many countries around the world. South Korea had less than 1 percent Christian 100 years ago and now has over 50 percent Christians. I grew up in 1 denomination for all my life and when I left home to go to a different city, I thought, I am bias, (since I only go to 1 type of Christian church) and am ignorant of all the other Christian denominations. So I went to a different Christian denomination each week being open to both Catholic and Protestant churches. I really appreciated all the denominations as we are all on Gods team. I asked my friends why they did not go to church and a big reason they said was the church had so many hypocrites. I too was a big hypocrite before I committed my life 100 percent to God since I was only a 1 hour a week Christian (during church time). When I committed my life to Jesus 100 percent I became a 7 day a week Christian as I saw Jesus wanted a growing relationship with me not me just being confirmed by a church. Holy Spirit helped take the hypocrisy from my life as I depend on God every day to say no to the temptations of the devil and say yes to what God wants. God Bless you! Thank you for all you do for the Lord Jesus Christ!--


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